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“Your Legacy,
Our Business”

“Independent, Fee Only, Fiduciary
of 48 Years and Counting”

148 Years’ Experience
Building Individual Stock
and Bond Porfolios

Federal Reserve Projects Strong Growth

Why Choose Legacy Capital?

At 47 years in business Legacy Capital Partners, Inc is one of the oldest independent RIA firms in Wisconsin. Legacy Capital Partners has always been a fee only wealth manager as we firmly believe that offering additional services that come with commissions or other flat fees blur the fiduciary relationship. If you are looking to grow your family wealth while sitting on the same side as your advisor, Legacy Capital Partners, Inc has a combined 147 years of professional experience ready to help protect and grow your family legacy for generations to come. 

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If you are interested in:

  • Professional management of your investment portfolio,
  • Simplifying your financial responsibilities,
  • Implementing investment and planning strategies to promote tax and expense efficiency, and
  • Coordinating your financial plans to work together toward your goal

Our History as one of Wisconsins oldest Fee only Investment Advisors

Founded in 1972, Legacy Capital Partners has years of experience with money management throughout various market cycles. As stewards of capital our clients include business owners, professionals, retirees, families, corporations, profit sharing and pension funds, endowments and foundations.Our business is built on developing a relationship with each client. While each relationship is unique, all reflect Legacy Capital Partners' core values. We believe in performance, quality service, competency, trust and confidentiality.  

Hiring Legacy Capital Partners as their professional investment advisor provides our clients with a combined 148 years of research, expertise and experience to help them create an investment plan that increases their wealth, reduces risk and volatility and helps them manage tax considerations. From the beginning, it is our aim to get to know our clients and to develop a clear understanding of their financial goals and investment expectations.


Company Info

Legacy Capital Partners, Inc.
1200 N. Mayfair Road, Suite 360
Milwaukee, WI 53226
Phone: (414) 271-1664
Email: info@legacycapitalpartners.net